We have experience with groups and companies up to 100 people, and cover tables for all kinds of occasions.

Anniversary, wedding, confirmation, conferences or company Christmas party? We have rooms for the most part.

For companies, we arrange for small conferences or trips in a sporty environment. We have conference rooms in the hotel, bar and restaurant and a lot of seating both inside and out.

Schools, teams and associations

We have our own offers for schools and teams, read more here. Students can spend a lot of time outside, whether it is skiing in the winter or with many other activities during the summer / fall season. We can also facilitate more professional dividends, for excample in ski technique, disc, avalanche risk, first aid, kitchen assistance, etc.

Alpine Groups / Sports Teams
The Alpine Center has 7 slopes, horav 2 has a high standard for competition / training. There have previously been arranged nm and international competitions in alpine and telemark. Parts of the facility are floodlit, and we have regular evenings with night skiing.

We gladly offer groups of their own opening hours, if they so wish. In other words, there is enough challenge for a fine training camp / race or just a social gathering.

The area around Raulandsfjell is ideal for all types of training – everything from skiing and cross-country skiing in the winter to running, slopes, cycling, beach volleyball and various water activities during the summer.

Contact information

Phone 35 07 35 55 [email protected]