Evelina Petrova Trio i Årestoga

Sundag 24. februar kl. 14

Evelina Petrova (Russia) – accordion, vocals
Laura Ellestad (Canada) – Hardanger fiddle
Andreas Rotevatn (Norway) – trombone, electronics

Evelina Petrova trio is the meeting between different countries and genres – Petrova brings Russian folk music and contemporary improvisation, Ellestad Norwegian folk music seen through the eyes of a Canadian, and Rotevatn brings Nordic jazz trombone mixed with electronics. An unusual musical mixture that is both beautiful and ugly; tonal and atonal; logical and surreal.

Check out the music here:

Årestoga, Raulandsakademiet
Tickets: kr 100,- / 50,- (student) – Vipps or cash
Doors open: 13.30
Concert: 14.00