Telemarkununet is a collection of copies of old houses from Rauland, which were build as a farmyard in the 1990s.


Telemarkstunet will be open every day from June 26 to August 15. kl. 11-16.

Telemarstunet is known for its summer activities. Here is the craft exhibition at Låven, wood-fired stone oven bakery in the Eldhuset with the sale of fresh baked goods every day and sale of traditional baking on “takke” from LEGA.

There are concerts in Årestoga on Saturday and Sunday in July (kl.14) Click here for concert program and artist info!

Now it is goats in the yard, and you can also go Beverstien – a nature trail with information about nature and culture.

Every day:

  • Stoneoven bakery
  • Handcraft sale

Suterdays and sundays:

  • Blade and flat bread bakery
  • Conserts in Årestoga

In the summer it is goats in the yard, and you can also go Beverstien – a nature trail with information about nature and culture.

Telemarkununet is also open the last weekends before Christmas. Then there is the craft sale at Låven and bakery in the Eldhuset. In addition, the craft sale at Låven is open in the winter holidays and in Easter.

There is free entrance on Telemarkstunet.

About once a month there is a concert in Årestoga under the auspices of Folkemusikkscena at Rauland. After the concerts, there are taverns with dancing in Gardsjordstoga.

One can also rent a room at Telemarkstunet if one will arrange a course or a party that one enters some activities, e.g. baking in the Eldhuset, smoking meat and fish in Badstoga or company in Gardsjordstoga. Contact the office at Raulandsakademiet,
tel. 35 07 32 92.

The houses in the yard

Årestoga About one time a month there is a concert and inn in Årestoga under the direction of Folkemusikkscena at Rauland.

Låven The barn is a copy of a traditional “løe” from West Telemark. Here you will find a handicraft hall with genuine products from about 120 different artisans. Emphasis is placed on Norwegian product. The barn is open all day all summer, in feriane and some weekends before Christmas. There is also a opportunity to book opening of the craft sales and tour of the Telemark student for groups.

Gardsjordstoga Gardsjordstoga is a copy of a house from Rauland. We have expanded with a large modern kitchen and made it possible for a great party room. Here there are two rooms with seating for approx. 40 in each – one can also use a room for serving and one for dancing!  In addition, we have several reconstructed houses in use in the yard:

  • Veslebur
  • Loftet
  • Eldhuset
  • Stallen
  • Badstoga