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woodworking for newbies

New course !

Start : 6.07.2020

End: 12.07.2020

Course number: 2056

Registration deadline: 25. mai

Teacher: Ola Svensson


About Ola Svensson

On the course you will learn basic techniques for small work with tree in the household. There will be a review of techniques, materials and tools. Techniques you learn can be used in new projects at home. Material costs are in addition to the price. Ola Svensson is an elaborate wooden boat builder with a trade letter. He holds a bachelor`s degree in folk art and works alot with many different techniques and materials.He has worked with forging, silverware, bronze castings, leather, furniture, boats and houses. Course from monday 19 to sunday at 15. Registration dedline 25 may.

Goal: Provide participants with basic carpenter techniques.

Number of hours  42
Special requirements: No, just have an interest in the subject

Contents / day plan:

Teaching hours Monday 1900-2100. First public information in Vesaassalen, then start the course at the workshop. Tuesday – Saturday: Course 0830-1545

lunchbreak 1200-1245. Sunday: course 0830-1500

Participants in the course can do one or more things. What items it will be is based on the participant`s wishes and previous experience. It could be a pallet, a small closet, a shelf, a box, drawers, a drawer or your own toolbox. Perhaps you just miss the little shelf or something in your home. Then you can build it on the course and get all the help and knowledge needed. There will be a review of techniques and materials throughout the course as it fits into the work. Participants are welcome to come up with ideas or suggestions on what they want to do and together with the course leader we find one or more items that you can attend on the course. The teacher has many tools that the participants can try and use. The work that takes place during the week alternates between the briefing and the help of the teacher and his own work. The degree of difficulty is completely adapted to the participant and something goes by for everyone.

Material costs vary depending on which and how much material that is needed. From 200 to 2000kr. Participants will know the exact price before starting work. Participants learn the techniques that are relevant to what they are building. But they also get insight into other techniques through the review of others participants sharing.

Examples of techniques that can be learned on the course:

  • Sätta upp kaplistor och ta ut material.
  • Zinkning
  • tappning
  • borra vinklade hål
  • hyvling
  • profilhyvling
  • sågning
  • mätteknik
  • limning
  • böjning av trä
  • egenskaper till olika träslag
  • slipning av trä
  • ta hänsyn till fukt i trävirke och att utnyttja effekter av varierande fuktighet.
  • tredimensionell formning med yxa, kniv, skölpar, bandkniv, spånhyvel

Vi gjer merksam på:

• Gjennom Studieforbundet kultur og tradisjon er dette kurset dekka av Kopinoravtalen, som tillet kopiering frå bøker og trykksaker til undervi


• Vi reknar med at deltakar følgjer sikkerhetsinstruksar frå kursarrangør og kurslærar. Kursdeltakar er ikkje dekka av forsikring frå arrangør.

Arbeidsform:Fellesundervisning og individuell rettleiing

Pris: Kurs kr 6300,-
Opphald og mat kr 1150 per døger

Lærar: Ola Svensson, Furubakken, Vestbygdvegen 2, 2340 Løten
Tlf.: 95771780

E-post: [email protected]

Web site:

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DatoMonday 6. July
Tidspunktkl 19:00 - 15:00