Thursday 28. June, kl 08:00

Woodworking and carving with green wood

Start date: 15.11.2018
End date: 18.11.2018
Registration deadline: October 4
Course nr: 1822
Instructor: Tine Spuur


This course starts in the forest where participants find suitable materials for a small box, butter knife, spoon, figurines, etc. You will learn about types of wood, splitting, drying, shrinking, polishing and sharpening, decorating and different types of tools used for working with green wood. This course is suitable for participants at all levels – you will be involved in the entire process from living tree to finished product.

Fees: Course: 3950 NOK.  Room and board for three days: 3150 NOK

DatoThursday 28. June
Tidspunktkl 08:00 - 18:00