Thursday 1. October

Window restoration

Date start: 1.10.2020

Date end: 4.10.2020

Registration deadline: August 20

Course nr: 2072

Instructor: Tore Per Sønju


Don’t throw away your old windows! Save and restore them! In this course you will work with your own windows. You will learn the entire process from removing the glass, disassemble the window, cleaning the frame and replacing rotten wood. We will use flaxseed oil-based putty and paint. Tore Per Sønju works for Building Conservation Center, Lågdalsmuseum in Kongsberg. The course runs from 7pm Thursday to 3pm Sunday .  Fees: Course: 4200 NOK Materials: ca. 100 NOK. Room and board for three days: 3450 NOK.

DatoThursday 1. October
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