Monday 29. June

Weaving with free patterns and colors

Start date: 29.06.2020

End date: 05.07.2020

Registration deadline: May 18

Instructor: Åse Eriksen

Course nr: 2031


In this course you will learn how to simply create patterns using old techniques. Taquete, samitum, damasque, Jin/Chinese, Beiderwand, Diasper, Kuvikas weaving – Sometimes these terms can seem intimidating. What they have in commen is that they are woven using a small number of shafts and the pattern is woven directly into the cloth. The pattern can be a picture or drawing. The tie-down patterns have a variety of warp and weft systems. The instructor has prepared warps and weft yarn. Participants will set up the looms and everyone will weave samples on each loom. You will get a
packet with all of the instructions that were used. Instructors website: Fees: Course: 6300NOK. Materials: ca. 500 NOK. Room and board for 6 days: 6900 NOK.


DatoMonday 29. June
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