Monday 22. June

Weaving, basics for beginners

Start date: 22.06.2020

End date:  29.06.2020

Course nr.: 2079

Registration deadline May 11

Instructor: Hilde Opedal Nordby



Learn to weave and set up your own warp on your loom. In this course you will get to try plain weave, twill, and more in different types of yarn. Each participant will also get to try out the entire process of setting up a loom.

Hilde Opedal Nordby has a master’s degree in Traditional Arts from the University College of Southeastern Norway. Her work focused on intangible cultural heritage and both digital and hand weaving. The course runs from 7pm Monday to 3pm Sunday.  Fees: Course: 6300 NOK. Materials: 300-500 NOK. Room and board for 6 days: 6900 NOK.

DatoMonday 22. June
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