Thursday 28. June, kl 08:00

Tool sharpening

Start date: 25.06.2018

End date: 28.06.2018

Kursnummer: 1833

Registration deadline: May 14

Instructor:  Per Sandvik


Good tools are half the work! Experience the transformation when you sharpen a dull knife. In this course you will learn to sharpen your tools easily. You learn tricks that will allow you to work on your own after the course. Tools that you will learn to sharpen include turning chisels, knives, scissors, other chisels and scythes. Bring your own tools to sharpen. The course runs from 7pm Monday to 3pm Thursday. Price. Course: 3950 NOK. Room and board for three days: 3150 NOK. The instructor also has sharpening machines and equipment for sale.

DatoThursday 28. June
Tidspunktkl 08:00 - 18:00