Thursday 28. June, kl 08:00

Tablet weaving – bunad bands from Telemark

Start date: 12.07.2018

End date: 15.07.2018

Registration deadline: May 28

Course nr.: 1888
Instructor:  Torkjell Sletta


Torkjell is from Tuddal in Telemark. He learned the art of tablet weaving from his mother. He is known for weaving with bright colors and finishing with fantastic pompoms. In this course you will learn the techniques for weaving narrow and wide bands, using the tablet weaving traditions seen in the folk costumes in Eastern Telemark.  The course is from Monday 19:00 to Sunday 15:00. Fees: Course: 3950 NOK, Meals and accommodations for three days: 3150 NOK.

DatoThursday 28. June
Tidspunktkl 08:00 - 18:00