Thursday 29. October

Spinning wool

Start date:29.10.2020

End date: 1.11.2020

Course nr.: 2038

Registration deadline: September 17

Instructor: Anne Grete Krogstad


In this course you will learn to spin wool using a spinning wheel and a hand spindle. This is an introductory course. You will be spinning Norwegian wool, primarily the long protective hairs from the spelsau type of sheep. You will also have the opportunity to try spinning other fibers such as llama. Bring a spinning wheel and hand cards. Materials: Ca. 100kr. The course runs from Thursday 7pm to Sunday 3pm. Fees: Course: 4200 NOK. Room and board for three days: 3450 NOK.

DatoThursday 29. October
TidspunktHele dagen