Monday 22. June

Sheep skins, traditional sewing and design

Start date: 22.06.2020
End date: 28.06.2020

Seats are available

Registration deadline: May 5
Course nr.: 2001
Instructor: Britt Solheim



Beginners are welcome. The price of materials varies with the type and size of hides participants choose to work with. Individual hides vary in price from 950 NOK to 2000 NOK and you will need four to six hides. Additional tools and materials cost ca 300 NOK. Britt Solheim has held courses for many years. She has also developed course materials and published a book on the subject. The course runs from 7pm Monday to 3pm Sunday. Price: Course: 6300 NOK. Room and board for six days: 6900NOK.

DatoMonday 22. June
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