Monday 29. June

Sew clothes from purchased patterns, basic course

Start date: 29.6.2020

End date: 5.7.2020

Registration deadline: May 18

Course nr: 2017

Instructor: Veronika Glitsch


Would you like to make clothes based on your own ideas, but you don’t know how to make a pattern? In this course you will learn how to modify a store-bought pattern so it fits perfectly to your body. You will learn how to add volume, change the cut, put seams where you want them, until you have your own design. Finally you will get to sew the garment you have designed! You will learn how to cut the fabric from the pattern and the sewing techniques required to give a professional result. Examples at  The course runs from Monday 19:00 to Sunday 15:00. Price: Course: 6300 NOK. Meals and accommodations for three days: 6900 NOK

DatoMonday 29. June
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