Monday 13. July

Rosepainting and glazing

Start dato: 13.07.2020

End date: 19.07.2020

registration deadline: June 1

Course nr.: 2065

Instructor: Vivian Grieg Teisner


This course is primarily aimed at those who have tried out rosemåling before, but there is also room for beginners. This year we will spend a portion of the class looking at glazing. The course includes theory about how to create the Telemark’s rose, with primary focus on practical excercises. Vivian Grieg Teisner has a MA from the University College of Southeastern Norway in Rauland and is known for experimenting within the art of rosemåling. The course runs from 7pm Monday to 3pm Sunday. Fees: Course: 6300 NOK. Room and board for six days: 6900NOK.

DatoMonday 13. July
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