Wednesday 20. June, kl 08:00

Landscape painting – oil/acrylic

Start date: 25.06.2018
End date: 01.07.2018

Registration deadline: May 14
Course nr.: 1853
Instructor: Kjersti Eliassen



This is a course in oil/acrylic painting where we focus on landscapes as a motiv. We will be looking at basic color theory and composition. We will make sketches outside and contine working on our painting inside or outside depending on the weather. Everyone will receiving individual feedback. We will us examples from art history to help understand the problems we meet. Kjersti Eliassen is a painter and studied at the National Art Academy. The course runs from 7pm Monday to 3pm Sunday. Price: Course fee: 5900 NOK. Room and board for six days: 6300 NOK.

DatoWednesday 20. June
Tidspunktkl 08:00 - 18:00