Monday 22. June

Lafting – build your own log cabin, 2 weeks

Start date: 22.06.2020

End date: 05.07.2020

Instructor: Ottar Romtveit

Course number: 2010

Course registration deadline: May 14


Gather wood in your own forest and build a small cabin! In this course you can build your own small cabin or you can help build someone else’s cabin while learning the skills to build your own. If you want to build your own cabin, you need to have the design and materials. Maximum size – 20 m2. During the course you will get most of the walls done, but you will need more time to finish. You will need to bring your own tools and protective gear. You can rent the specialized tools from the instructor (300 NOK). This course runs over the course of two weeks. Registration deadline May 14. Price: Course: 12600NOK. Room and board for two weeks: 13800 NOK.

DatoMonday 22. June
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