Wednesday 20. June, kl 08:00

Kveding, traditional song

Start date: 27.09.2018

End date: 30.09.2018

Registration deadline: August 16

Course nr.: 1848

Instructor: Unni Boksasp


This course is an introduction to traditional Norwegian song. Unni Boksasp has studied the vocal traditions in Nordmøre in Tinn in Telemark. These two areas are the primary sources for the repertoire she takes up in the course, in addition to material from the rest of the country. You will also work on general singing and breathing techniques. Unni has studied folk music in Rauland, Valle in Setesdal, and in Stockholm. The course runs from 7pm Thursday to 3pm Sunday. Price: Course: 3950 NOK. Room and board for three days: 3150NOK.

DatoWednesday 20. June
Tidspunktkl 08:00 - 18:00