Monday 13. July

Birch root weaving

Start date: 13.07.2020
End date: 19.07.2020
Registration deadline: June 1

Course nr.: 2028
Instructor: Signe Irene Berg


Tree roots are soft and elastic. If you are going to make baskets out of this material, you can’t use a standard braiding technique. This traditional technique allows you to bind the roots together and create stable shapes. This technique can only be used with pliable materials, like tree roots, which we gater in marshes or sandy areas. The roots are washed and split. Then they are bound together in a variety of patterns. In this course you will learn to make plates, bowls, baskets, and other functional objects. Beginners can purchase materials from the instructor. Gathering roots is time-intensive, so if possible, you should try to gather roots before the course. The course runs from 7pm Monday to 3pm Sunday. Fees: Course: 6300 NOK. Materials: varies. ca. 250-400 NOK. Room and board for 6 days: 6900,-.

DatoMonday 13. July
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