Top tours

  1. Husnuten 1609 m.a.s.l
  2. Breidalseggi 1568 m.a.s.l
  3. Austare Skarsnut 1518 m.a.s.l
  4. Heimare Skarsnut 1495 m.a.s.l
  5. Vehuskjerringa 1355 m.a.s.l
  6. Stavsnuten 1245 m.a.s.l
  7. Sveigefjell 1290 m.a.s.l
  8. Brattskarsnuten 1203 m.a.s.l
  9. Falkenuten 1096 m.a.s.l

Sommer på Rauland

Summer at Rauland


Remember leash on the dogs in the field. This overview of summits is meant to be an inspiration for those who want to explore the mountain world around Rauland on their own. The overview is not supposed to provide complete information about the individual summit tours, but rather help to get started exploring the mountains around Rauland. PS: Some of the top trains are either fully or partially marked, most of them are unmatched and follow old roads and stairs. It is thought that over 1400 meters above sea level, it is mostly stone, and one must move forward as well as possible. Good trip!

1. Husnuten

From Bitdalsdammen
Walk over the dam and follow the path along the water for about 1 km, follow the path / step up the Fallbrot valley to Ånundstjønnan. Then follow your back south towards the top.

2. Breidalseggi

From the parking lot before the barrier at Kromviksvegen
Steep path up the north side of the Numedalsjuvet via Numedal Stjønni and Breidalstjønnan to the top.

From Spjotar
Path from small cairn near the road to warn on the flat after ascension. To the left path up the south side of Breidalen to Breidalstjønnan (partly bruised) From Breidalstjønnan follow natural path towards the top.

3/4. Austare and Heimare Skarsnut

From Kromvikvegen
Follow the path from the parking lot before the boom on Kromvikvegen via Numedal Stjønni to both peaks

From Rauland Alpinsenter
follow the steps from the top of the lift at Rauland Alpine Center (Raulandsfjell) to the boats tops.

5 .Vehuskjerringi

Mark route from Vehus. Small parking.

6. Stavsnuten

Follow the road / tractor road / path from Tansosen via Bekkjebui and Tjønnstaul to the left on the left side of the trail, about 1 km before Stavsvatn. Route with cairns to the top.

7. Sveigefjell

Can start from Bitdalsdammen via Stritubakk Juvet and from Ljose and Spjotar on Kromvikvegen. Also good to go up the Sveigedalen on the road towards Bitdalsdammen.

8. Brattskarsnuten

From Hovdeli
Follow high voltage line just south of the cottage field. East for the end of Longetjønn follows the path to the end of the road from Lognvik / Fundli. Follow the road a few meters and walk the trail through Listaul towards the top

From Austbø
Follow steep road to the left, about 100 meters from the bridge over Sauarelva to Longetjønn. Path to the eastern end of the lake. Follow the path to the end of the road from Lognvik / Fundli. Follow the road a few meters and take the path via Listaul towards the top

From Lognvik
Follow the road about 150 meters west of Sagmyri, almost to the end. Then follow the path via Listaul towards the top.

9. Falkenuten

Old trail
Follow the marked trail from the parking lot at Kromvikvegen.

New stone trail
Follow the new stone-built walking path from the parking lot which is located about 250 meters near Møsvatn.

360 sommer på Rauland

360 summer at Rauland