Berries and mushroom picking

At the end of August and in September you can get in touch with what nature has to offer of mushrooms and berries.

Take a trip out into the woods or up the mountain and pick your hands full!

You can often find cloudberries in marshland, while blueberries and cranberries are often found in logging fields, where the heather thrives. If you are going to pick mushrooms, it is a good idea to bring a mushroom book so you do not pick mushrooms that are dangerous to eat.

For the cloudberrie lovers

Are you looking for cloudberries? here is where you find them:

The marsh areas in Rauland and Øyfjell contain buckets of flavorful, juicy and golden cloudberries ready for picking from the beginning of August.

In Øyfjell, 15-20 minutes south of Rauland, the berries are found in marshlands along and near Lognvikvatn. In Rauland there is a large area near Kromviki and around / at Falkeriset. If you drive towards Raulandsfjell and take off towards Kromviki in the direction of Falkeriset you will find fine cloud areas on both sides of the road.

Have a good trip!

In addition, you pay off fantastic scenery where you walk along the outer edge of Hardangervidda. A great trip for the whole family!