Rauland and the surrounding area have a lot to offer! Try a mountain cruise on Møsvatn, enjoy nature along the Hardangervidda National Park route, experience local craft art or take a boat trip on the Telemarkskanalen

Oversikt over Attraksjonar

Fjellvåken II

A brilliant summer day with the catamaran and the ferry boat MB Fjellvåken II on Møsvatn 919 m.o.h is a unique experience. The boat goes on route between Skinnarbu and Mogen during the summer season. You can e.g. Take a day trip from Skinnarbu to Mogen with a traditional dinner at Mogen Turisthytte, or join a three-hour guided tour from Skinnarbu to Hovdøya and beautiful Møsstrond church.

Mogen Turisthytte is a popular gateway to hiking from cottage to cottages on the Hardangervidda – wild reindeer kingdom, Europe’s largest high mountain plateau and Norway’s largest national park.

Fjellbygda Rauland is located at the foot of Hardangervidda, Europe’s largest high mountain plateau and Norway’s largest national park. The Norwegian Tourist Association has a large network of cabins and marked trails. One popular starting point is Mogen Turisthytte at the end of Møsvatn. You get there with the catamaran MB Fjellvåken II from Skinnarbu by highway 37 – a fantastic high mountain crossing 919 m.o.h.

Museum og utstillingar
In Rauland and in the surroundings you find the museum which conveys everything from sculpture, painting, literature and folk music, to rural culture and local war history from the other warrior. All museums, outside the Vinje Defense Museum in Åmot, are part of the common ticket scheme for museum in Vest-Telemark. Rauland and surrounding towns and on several crafts and art exhibitions.

At the Raulands Academy, Telemarkstunet is located, which is a copy of local, traditional lafte buildings. In the summer, there is a craft exhibition at Låven, wood-fired stone oven bakery in the Eldhuset with hall of fresh baked goods, lefse and flat bread bakery, summer café in Årestoga and open craftsman workshops in the other buildings in the yard.

Hardangervidda Nationalpark route

One trip along the Hardangervidda National Park route takes you through outstanding nature along the randsona Hardangervidda National Park. Get rid of the view from the car window or take a stop to enjoy nature. The road runs on charming small roads through Telemark, past mountains and lakes, through small forests and valleys and over open wilderness landscape. You will find and many attractions along the Hardangervidda National Park route. Hiking trails, boat trips, museums and cultural activities will make both small and large people rejoice in the activities offered along the way.

One trip along the Hardangervidda National Park route is eighteen in time, to the roots of Norwegian folk culture and the industry’s growth in Norway.


Gaustatoppen, which is many meters high, is Norway’s most beautiful mountain, ragnes majestically over Rjukan with its 1883 m.o.

Every year, about 30,000 people take the trip up the Gaustatoppen to enjoy the fantastic view. In the clearer, one can look east to the border to Sweden or south to the coast. The view shows over 1/6 of Norway.


Northern Europe’s first cable car was built in 1928 as a gift from Norsk Hydro to the inhabitants of Rjukan, so that they could get into the sun during the winter months.

Norsk Industriarbeidarmuseum, Vemork

Rjukanfossen provided the foundation for Vemork, the world’s largest power station in 1911. The station has now become a museum where one can experience the fantastic energy adventure and see exhibitions of industrial development in Norway and Rjukan. The museum is perhaps best known for its presentation of Rjukan’s war history. At Vemork, one of the most important sabotage actions during the Second World War was found, when Norwegian saboteurs prevented the Germans from developing nuclear weapons of the heavy water that were produced here.


Rauland-Rjukan benefit card
Book a minimum of three nights accommodation and get discounts at the Norwegian Industrial Workers’ Museum Vemork, Krossobanen, high mountain cruise on Hardangervidda with more.

Vest-Telemark Museum

Vest-Telemark is a treasure trove of history, art and cultural heritage. The West Telemark Museum communicates this legacy to a total of eleven museums.

At Rauland, you can visit huge sculpture collectons at Dyre Vaa-samlingane and Skinnarland-samlinga

Bring the whole family to Vest-Telemark Museum i Eidsborg. Here we have something for the young and old, and make sure to visite some of the other beautifull museums in Vest-Telemark.


The Telemarkskanalen is one of the most beautiful tour Telemark can offer. By that, means of 18 lock steps distributed on eight lock systems, the boat is lifted 72 meters on the 105 km long journey from the beautiful telemark coast at Skien, and just into the foot of Hardangervidda by Dalen.

The canal was completed in 1892 after 500 men had worked hard for 5 years.  You take the canal boat tour one way and follows by bus back.

Bø Sommarland

Crazy fun for the whole family! Large water park with water activities in all variants.